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But then under Rudi Garcia, Roma became a true rival. Totti would taunt Juve goalkeeper Marco Storari, prompting a neat retaliation from Stephan Lichtsteiner, who as a former Lazio player was clearly delighted at being able to mock the Giallorossi. The French Coach would be sent off as his side suffered a controversial 3-2 defeat, complaining about “19-yard penalty areas” and playing an imaginary violin to mock the referee.

Before they did however, they brought Coach Zdenek Zeman back for another spell in charge, a move that fueled an already intense dislike among supporters of the Old Lady. In the late 1990s, the Czech Coach accused the Bianconeri of systematically doping players, pointing to the altered physique of Gianluca Vialli and Alessandro Del Piero as proof.

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It hasn’t always been this way. Indeed, despite the Bianconeri having long been loathed by everyone, the vitriol between them and their opponents from the Italian capital only truly began with the notoriously disallowed ‘gol di Turone’ in May 1981. A victory in that showdown would’ve taken Roma to the top of the金沙登录 table with two games left in the season, but instead they finished runners-up after Maurizio Turone’s strike was debatably ruled offside.

For supporters of the Giallorossi – a group which undoubtedly includes their legendary No.10 – the Turin giants benefit from favourable calls on and off the pitch, while fans of the Old Lady beli足球赌盘eve Roma exist only to lose and then complain about it being someone else’s fault.

That was followed by a questionable match-winning goal from Juve’s Sergio Brio two years later, prompting then-Roma President Dino Viola to say the matches were “a question of centimetres.” Juventus President Giampiero Boniperti responded by sending Viola a cheap plastic ruler, adding a note which read “you can use it to measure our offsides.”

“They've always got a little help,” Francesco Totti once said of Juventus. “That's the evidence. There's little you can do about it.” In those three short大发赌球 sentences, the Roma captain arguably summed up feelings on both sides of the rivalry his club have shared with Juventus over the years.

Luciano Spalletti has urged his side to match the consistency of the Bianconeri, but his team and many of their supporters seem all too happy to let the old pathology play out. It will certainly add motivation to their meeting at Juventus Stadium on Saturday, not that a clash between the nation’s top two teams needs any further edge.

Roma would again collapse in trademark fashion, Garcia and Totti bitterly complaining about decisions that went against them, fueling the belief that the Giallorossi always find someone else to blame. Doping, referees, a falsified championship, accusations about Luciano Moggi “stealing” Paulo Sousa and Ciro Ferrara, the list of excuses wheeled out never seems to end, with players and Coaches seemingly happy to feed the fire.

His comments sparked the trials that saw Juve doctor Riccardo Agricola found guilty of “administering excessive pharmaceuticals to players” between 1994 and 1998, only for the verdict to be overturned 12 months later. Zeman’s second spell would collapse in failure, which was of course celebrated in Turin.

In the 1990s the rivalry took a backseat with the notable exception of the 2000-01 title race in which Fabio Capello’s Giallorossi pipped their northern counterparts to the title. When Juve emerged as calcio’s dominant force a decade later, the collapse of Milan and Inter saw Roma emerge as the biggest threat and once again the vitriol came to the fore.